Our workfloor is equipped with a plurality of different machines, which allows us to do nearly all kind of chip removal operation out of steel bars or cold forged parts.

8 multi-spindle lathes – CNC controlled

These machines are mainly used for high-end turning parts with demanding tolerances. It is possible to handle a diameter up to 50mm with these lathes.

5 single-spindle lathes – CNC controlled

The machines, mainly used for parts with a big diameter like rings or polebodies,  allow us to mechanize steel bars up to 65mm.

11 multi-spindle lathes – CAM controlled

Fast lathes with a maximum diameter of 32mm, where we are able to produce nearly all kind of Rotor and Alternator Shafts.

2 transfer machines

The transfer machines allow us to produce very complex turning/milling parts with tolerance until 12 microns.

5 linked production lines

In the production lines we produce products which require a combination of various operations. Amongst other we dispose of the following machines in these lines:

12 center-less grinding machines

2 induction heat treatment oven

3 press for assembling

4 milling machines

1 toothing machine (cold forging)

5 cleaning machines

To fulfill all cleaning requirements of our customer, we dispose of 5 cleaning machines which are used as “stand alone” machines or in production lines.

100% automatic controls

Based on the 0 ppm philosophy we integrate in our production lines 100% automatic controls for all critical tolerances as well as stand alone inspection machines.