“The existence of Bravo & Bippus is depending on the satisfaction of our customers. Therefore the most important target for us is to deliver 0 defect parts and high quality. In all we do, we keep a very intensive and professional relationship in order to generate a win-win situation for both sides.”



The certifications of the ISO 9001 and the IATF 16949 are guarantee for a high quality-management standard which we provide to our customer without losing the sight on our environmental.

Bravo & Bippus is disposing of a well equipped Quality Department which is providing a 24h service to the production. Combined with our  Know-How of more than 15 years  we are ensuring a high quality standard.



Amongst other we dispose of the following machines:

  • 2 3D-Measuring devices
  • Profilometer
  • mikro-hardness-measuring devices
  • Tesascan Profile Device